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Signal application is an encrypted messaging app used by millions of users around the world. The service uses your phone's internet connection to make calls and send SMSs, so you can freely install Signal without worries about your cellular plan's voice or data limits.


As mentioned before, Signal Windows and mobile apps allow you to send messages, pictures, videos, and voices to other users. You can use it without disclosing your phone number or identity.

This messaging application combines the best security and privacy features of WhatsApp, Telegram, and other encrypted messaging apps to provide the strongest protection for your private communication. You can download Signal for Windows and sync it with your phone for convenience use.


After Signal download, you are offered the following:

  • Encrypted calls: You can make voice and video calls to other users.
  • Group chats: Create groups for the conversations you want to have, with as many participants as you want.
  • Self-destructing SMS: Set messages to self-destruct at a specified time.
  • Open source: Signal app Windows or any other platform is free and open source. It's easy to verify its security by auditing the code.
  • Forward secrecy: In private conversations, the keys used are destroyed immediately after a message is read.
  • E2E: Every message in the application is encrypted from one device to another, including group chats.
  • Verification: Users can verify each other’s identities by comparing codes.
  • Protected storage: Your SMSs are stored in protected storage on your device.
  • Synchronization: Your messages are backed up to the server.
  • Image blocking: Signal PC app blocks remote images by default to prevent leaking data to trackers.


The interface of the application is easy to use. You can switch between conversations in a snap and send photos, videos, and files of any type. Moreover, the interface is very stable, and the signal is very fast. Download Signal app and enjoy the safety and simplicity it gives.


The service is open source and end-to-end encrypted, meaning that no third parties can read your messages. Signal free program is also much easier to use than other secure messaging apps and is a good alternative to programs like iMessage for when you need to communicate securely.


  • Is Signal app download safe?
    It is one of the strongest applications in terms of privacy and security. The program is built on the concept of end-to-end encryption. This means that the encryption is applied to each message individually, and only the sender and receiver will be able to decrypt it. So, Signal install is very safe.
  • Can I get Signal Mac version?
    Yes, MacOS version is also available. If you are a MacOS user, you can go to the official site to download this program. Or just click the download button on this page to get the app.
  • I don't have a phone number. Can I still download the app?
    Yes. If you are a new user, you can create an account with your email. However, you will be required to have a phone number to use this service.
  • Can I run Signal computer version? How?
    It is an app for smartphones. You can install it on a PC, but you will not be able to sign in or use it on its own (without your phone). Instead, you can install the desktop version.


The app uses a strong and open-source encryption protocol to provide the users with secure communication. You don't need to give your number to contacts. Just exchange a one-time code to verify your identity.

Be aware that Signal apk download is free, but your cellular carrier may charge you for sending and receiving messages.

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